VR showroom

RavelinVR ShowRoom is a technology that allows you to place a virtual showroom of your property right in the sales office.

To do this, you only need an empty room with an area of at least 4x4 meters. All that is required of you - is to put the VR helmet on the client and immerse him in the atmosphere of his future home.

RavelinVR ShowRoom is not only about "turning your head", but about really walking through the future property, touch the furniture, look into the drawers, make a coffee, grab an apple and even break a mug!

A distinctive feature of our technology is the unprecedented level of detail and immersion of the buyer in the future home. Your customers will really get a positive charge and a wow effect, which will allow you to sell your property more effectively.



You do not need to build expensive showrooms, show your property right in the sales office!
Interactive engagement: the buyer will be able to choose the type of finish, the color of the walls and even make a coffee in his future kitchen, just in 1 click!
Possibility to demonstrate multiple layouts.
Wow-effect, which facilitates the closing of the deal.

Unfortunately, it's difficult to explain in words that wow-effect that a person feels when experiencing VR shoowroom. These sensations need to be felt by yourself.